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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's in your Toolbox?

Expanding a past post, looking for ways to cultivate gratitude in seemingly undesirable circumstances by embracing the power of contrast. Diving further, deeper into understanding how to use this as a tool to figuring out what it is you want to manifest into your life by acknowledging, even appreciating, the discovery of what it is you do not want. I do believe we each have within us the power to change our situation, to create our most desired life.

That statement, is just... well it happens to be a huge statement. But it boils down to avoiding negative emotions. When something truly feels good, we know it. We know when we are following a passion, we know when we are serving ourselves and others. And on the flip side, we know when something feels simply bad, and it takes everything you have to just... get it done.  

That statement also brings up so many other notions; personal responsibility, learning to listen to our own intuition, focusing on what we do want - however large or small - to bring into our lives.  I was reminded of this today, as I drank my coffee and stumbled onto a post of someone I just became familiar with (more on that later) and once again I found the concept true and hearing it again useful. And it really got me thinking. 

What in our daily lives are we each doing to live our best life? Our happiest most fulfilled life? I started to take a look at my habits, my routines. I have recently moved and found that in my own space, I have become incredibly more disciplined. I currently have a lot on my plate, enough that is spills over (sometimes creating a mess) and their doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. So I have to pick favorites by prioritizing.

One of my favorite tools has become prioritizing. So useful and something any one that is busy is incredibly familiar with. So as I tick off my list of things that make me feel healthy, happy and whole, I realize that I can use each of these things to go to bed slightly more satisfied.  As we get to know ourselves, we are able to know how things affect us, which ideas and concepts we are drawn to, the things we enjoy and the places we want to go. All of this translates into useful tools we can call upon when we want to create something within us. 

What's in your toolbox?


Here is the article by Selena Soo who changed her life by her desire to avoid negative emotions, and now uses her strengths to help others change theirs.

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