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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is that I hear... Frogs?

On the drive home tonight... I was led to think about the extraordinary. On the drive home I was waiting for it to rain frogs. At every stoplight. I was almost surprised when it didn't.

Yes, you heard me right. I was waiting for it to rain frogs. You know, like in that movie Magnolia. Here is a clip if you've never seen it.

Why would someone be driving home and anticipating this sort of encounter you MAY be asking yourself? I don't blame you. Really. I don't. But come on. Haven't you ever felt like some of your routines have become sort of... otherworldly?

There are those moments when you know there is something... there. Something behind those thoughts that keep arising. Those interest that don't settle. That feeling that you are approaching a cliff and the feeling in your core is saying to go for it...

You could choose to play it "safe" and turn around to what you know.

Or you could choose to just jump. Where you spend everyday doing those things that make you feel like THAT day was worth it. You are exhausted by it. In a good way. You gave it your all. And you got it all back.

I always encourage that. Always. And I try to live by it. To live each day so that I can go to bed exhausted. Exhausted because I have chosen to do the things that I love.

And I have enjoyed those I love. (I'll admit.. this is an excuse to blatantly show off my incredibly cute nieces and nephews)

Lucas and Isaiah!

Riley, Reece & Jaxson

You know the feeling. I hope. The feeling that the brink is near. You may be standing on the edge. Maybe all you need is a push. Or maybe, all you need... is for it to rain frogs.