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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Strange Encounter - previously mentioned Lazy Lizard Hostel - Moab, Utah... Feb. 2011

So I walk into the co-ed bunk last night. Set my stuff down and set out to make an amazing dinner of rice and carrots and celery and beans and tomatoes and lettuce and avo and hot sauce and asiago cheese and ceasar dressing all wrapped up in these wonderful locally made wraps*.
*that I purchased when I immediately found the health food store when I came into town, and it was open for another 30 minutes

Anyway.. I made my dinner and head up to the room. I sit on the bed and there is one other man in the room. I am feeling good and being friendly. He does appear to be homeless (I use -less because it doesn't necessarily seem to be by choice). We start chatting and very quickly, we start talking about crazy stories and sleeping outside. The stories roll out with locations all over the place, with people popping in. Then astrology starts popping in. He used to read charts. I happen to have mine so he takes a look. Talks of being aware of deception, making special note of self-deception. Talks of being trouble-makers.. but that since I have so much Jupiter influence that I can probably get away with it.

Then he asks if he can give me a card reading. And so he does. It is interesting. It mentions a lot of a significant other. But in no way does it describe anyone close. It said I made a bad choice, to watch out for male chauvinism, someone wanting to control me and so on. It was strange. And we talked about it for awhile. I need to watch out for bossiness, in me or in those close to me for the next 6 months. My intuition is going to be failing me for the next few weeks, I will have trouble connecting with my inner self.

His name was Charles.

Very soon after I discovered I had walked into the wrong room.