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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beauty of Contrast

I hear it all the time, as I'm sure most people do.... It always starts the same "I don't need much.... " followed by any number of open, vague endings like "I just want to be happy."  Or "I just want to be treated well."  Or "I just want enough money to get by".  But why do we always feel the need to settle for "just" anything.  Let's face it, most of us have a long life ahead of us, so why did we let go of the child-like belief that we could do anything?  When did we start negotiating with ourselves? When did we start accepting whatever we could get? It's like we were given a huge check as a child and every year as we struggle with what it is we really want out of life, are the options so over-whelming, that we willingly - perhaps begrudgingly - erase a zero?

This I believe goes hand and hand with the fact that we can no longer figure out what it is we want in life.  We seemingly have every opportunity in the world open to us and, not to sound spoiled, that is a daunting reality.  And true, we all know those people, the ones that picked a direction, made a decision and followed a passion from an extremely young age.  I have caught myself saying over and over again that I was jealous of those that knew what they wanted. All I could and sometimes... can...  still think about is how much easier it would be, to be one of those people. It is just a matter of making a decision, a choice that at some point sets you down a specific path. A choice and a commitment, through thick or thin of seeing it through.  Yeah, following that path may seem easier, most likely only when you are struggling with the other side, the side of limitless options. The grass is always greener.

Given an open book, what story do we each want to write? How do we start to figure it out, is narrowing down the possibilities really that poor of a choice? What is so wrong about taking the other road? The one where you let experience be your guide, you learn what you don't want through trial and yes, error. Error, the part that takes the most mental energy is not deciding what to do next, although the narrowing down process can take quite awhile. No the hardest part is learning to appreciate the mistakes. To take the opportunity to learn more about yourself. To begin to understand the beauty of contrast.