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Monday, November 12, 2012

Shades of Green

So this is a reflection on a previous article. That post “Is That Grass Greener” being written over a year ago – I did still want to share it – as most of you could tell, you know.. by my posting it. So it was a long minute ago when I first wrote it. And I suppose I haven’t expanded on the idea because I am still wrapping my head around my current thought process. I am working on it, daily, trying to blend views, trying to reword and sort out how one can take advantage of a frame of mind that has a negative connotation, and turn it into a useful tool for living fully… I have to admit that however much I may have liked how I wrote the previous post, I may not 100% agree with what I wrote.

To start, let me say that cultivating gratitude on a daily basis is such a beautiful and rewarding practice. I know this, I have seen the magic of it, the transformations that can come when someone shifts their view from one of lack to one of abundance. From the victim to the heroine.  I adamantly respect the process of becoming proactive in how your life unfolds.

That being said, emotions are important. I have always thought so. Good emotions are so easy to except. However, I  strongly feel that negative emotions have their role. On some occasions, negative emotions can be a great indicator that we need to make a change. But that should be it?! Make the change, realize that you should be happy, and let the past go. Life should not be a struggle. 

I know that sounds great. For me, I am totally on board. When something does not feel quite right – When you are not excited about life. Check- got it – make a change. No problem. I should be happy. Hell yeah I should. We all should. We all can be.. Ok check. Now let go…hmm… For me this is where the challenge arises. As it probably does with most people. So once again… I have to remind myself… 

“The grass is greenest where your awareness is directed most.”
                                             -Amber Spear (Yoga instructor)

So as we work out the shades of green… as we all give our input as to where our awareness is focused.  Where we are letting our hearts settle. Let us keep in mind that we can be, create and do whatever…. So why not?

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